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False Fronts
False Fronts
False Fronts
A riveting, fast-paced novel centered around the dynamics of parent-teen relationships and the discovery that very little is how it seems…
Talia and Asher Fishman, parents of Koby, a highly sensitive teenager who is having difficulty reconciling his artistic talents with the need - or is it his father's need? - to toe the line in yeshivah. Ella Segal, the class clown, who has everyone fooled - well, almost everyone. Dini Freifeld, the top student, who is so busy keeping up her image of perfection that she almost loses herself - until a trick that backfires forces her to stop and take stock. Aviva Tatz, the devoted teacher who becomes deeply involved with her students' lives, until she learns that even chessed must have its limits. Selma, a homeless woman, who consistently turns out to be the right person at the right time, and the new neighbors, Debbie and Moshe Sherman, who inexplicably arouse Talia Fishman's suspicions...

FALSE FRONTS is a riveting, entertaining novel that appeals to both teens and adults. Readers will appreciate the fast-paced plot where they will discover that nothing is how it seems, as well as the dynamics of parent-teen relationships that are woven throughout. Another masterfully crafted story by noted author and Hamodia columnist, Batya Ruddell.
SKU: L818
Dimensions: 6" X 9"
Format: Hardcover
Length: 280
Media: Book
Price: $20.66
List Price: $22.95
You Save: $2.29 (10%)
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