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Seder Haviduy
Seder Haviduy
Seder Haviduy
Seder Ashamnu According to the Alef-Beis
This handy Seder Vidui guide will greatly enhance your understanding and kavanah of the all-important words of the Vidui prayer. Based on the sefer Haderech L’teshuvah by Rav Moshe Shternbach shlit”a, this neat 3-fold leaflet gives a brief, at-a-glance description and explanation of each sin listed in the Ashamnu part of the Vidui service. Sure to change the way you think about and do teshuvah on Yom Kippur! 
Hebrew only!
SKU: L631
Author: Chazak UK
Dimensions: 4" X 6"
Format: Leaflet
Length: 5
Media: Cards
Price: $0.90
List Price: $1.00
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