Double Agent - Part 2

Double Agent - Part 2
Double Agent - Part 2
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A soldier gave a long whistle, and as Eyal had expected, another ten armed and uniformed soldiers appeared out of nowhere, all wearing matching smiles of victory. Eyal easily identified their commander by his age and the reverence that the young soldiers accorded him. As soon as he saw Eyal, he aimed his rifle and fired.
Eyal dove aside just in time to avoid the bullet, which lodged itself in the tree behind him. At that moment, he understood that the goal of these men was not to capture, but to kill. Acting fast, he pulled a syringe from his pouch, and pushed his sleeve above the elbow.
"What are you doing?" the commander screamed. "Stop!"
Eyal ignored him. Before their scandalized eyes, he injected the brownish liquid into his arm before sending the syringe hurtling into the ravine nearby. If a bit of the costly substance remained in the syringe, it was now gone.
Turning to the commander--on the assumption that the low-ranking soldiers had no idea why he'd been condemned to death--he said, "The antidote you're seeking is now in one place, and one place only. Streaming through my blood. My blood is now worth millions. It would be a shame to murder me, no?"

When Eyal Gilboa's mission in a foreign country takes a sinister twist, he finds himself completely on his own with no means of recruiting assistance from either the Mossad or CIA. Their hands are tied, and all they can do is watch from afar and pray that Eyal will survive. Because this time, not only his life is on the line, but also the lives of his family and a village filled with hundreds of innocent people.
The thrilling conclusion to Double Agent.
By Yonah Sapir

Author: Yonah Sapir
Dimensions: 6" X 9"
Format: Hardcover
Length: 423
Media: Book
Release Date: March 2022
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