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Escape to Freedom
Escape to Freedom
Escape to Freedom
Shirin Gabbay dreams of the day when she can live freely. In Iran, she and her family live in constant fear of oppression. Their crime? Wanting to live as Torah Jews.

When Shirin's father is arrested, the family is thrown into chaos, and it is decided that they must escape one by one, or risk joining their Baba in prison. The goal is for Shirin to be smuggled out of Iran and make her way to her sister Esther, in America, where the rest of her family will ultimately join her.

What follows is a desperate and terrifying escapade through the mountains at the Iranian-Turkish border,an unplanned hospital stay, and a grueling, year-long wait, first in Van and then in Istanbul, Turkey.

Will Shirin's Baba make it out of prison alive? Will the rest of her family manage to join her? Will she ever see any of them again, or will she have to begin life anew, without the love and support of her family by her side?

Chaya Sara ben Shachar's thrilling novel is a fast-paced, true-to-life page-turner. Join Shirin as she embarks on a journey that will alter the course of the entire future, and find out if she is successful in her Escape to Freedom!
SKU: L632
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Format: Softcover
Length: 232
Media: Book
Price: $15.26
List Price: $16.95
You Save: $1.69 (10%)
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