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Lightning Bolts
Lightning Bolts
Lightning Bolts
and other stories
What if your parents told you that you were moving halfway around the world, away from all your friends, and everything you know and love? 

 What if the friend you’ve known all your life suddenly treats you as if you’re… different – and not in a good way? 

 What would you do if the Queen of England was due to arrive at your camp and you were clueless how to behave in front of her? 

 What if you’re invited to join some classmates on the trip of a lifetime – but you know, deep down, that something is very wrong? 

 Life is full of "lightning bolt” moments – things that aren’t typical, and aren’t really "supposed” to occur... and yet they do anyway. 

 M. Jakubowicz’s Lightning Bolts and Other Stories is all about these kinds of moments. Meet all types of kids just like you – and join them as they experience their own unique strokes of lightning.
SKU: C354
Dimensions: 5.5" X 8.5"
Format: Softcover
Length: 368
Media: Book
Price: $16.16
List Price: $17.95
You Save: $1.79 (10%)
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