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Story Tyme with Rabbi Juravel - Lost in the Park: The Melachos of Yom Tov
Story Tyme with Rabbi Juravel - Lost in the Park: The Melachos of Yom Tov
Story Tyme with Rabbi Juravel - Lost in the Park: The Melachos of Yom Tov
Children's Audio CD - 3 CD Set
When it comes to giving over the parshah or a lesson, or telling a great story, no one does it like Rabbi Juravel! Veteran mechanech and master storyteller Rabbi Juravel has been enthralling kids for decades with his exciting stories and phenomenal lessons. His tapes and CDs are internationally renowned, and beloved by kids of all ages.

Welcome to Lost in the Park, an in-depth and comprehensive presentation of melachos Yom Tov. Following on the outstanding success of the "39 Melachos Shabbos” CDs, which focus on stories teaching  the  melachos  of  Shabbos,  we  received numerous requests for a similar work explaining the often complicated and less known rules of melachos Yom Tov. The result is the fascinating tale of R’ Don Gold, a bank teller and shochet, who gets tricked by thieves into entering a dangerous part of a national park and gets lost together with 3 other non-Jews on Erev Yom Tov.

Listen to how R’ Don is able to survive being stranded over Yom Tov in the wild of a national park, while never once violating the melachosof Yom Tov, eventually outwitting the robbers and returning to civilization.

This action-packed story has been reviewed and approved by leading poskim to ensure all halachos and hashkafoson these CDs are true and accurate. (Remember kinderlach - don’t paskenfrom these CDs!). This monumental work teaches the Halachos of Yom Tov, for the first time, in a story form that is sure to keep children (and adults!) spell bound for hours (running time over 3 hours!). 
Media: CD
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