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Sifsei Chachamim Chumash Vol. 7

Sifsei Chachamim is considered the classic commentary on Rashi, and is included in virtually every known edition of Chumash. It is studied in schools worldwide, and is an essential aid to reviewing the weekly Parsha with Rashi. Now, this superb commentary has become accessible to all, and with it, the words of Rashi will sparkle in their full glory!
BY: Rabbi Avraham Davis

List Price $29.95

Online Discounted Price: $26.96

Days Are Coming

May one enter the Bais Hamikdash...

...with a baby carriage?
...with a wallet/checkbook/credit card? order to daven? order to observe the goings-on there?

In Days Are Coming you will find the answers to these, as well as many other, practical questions regarding conduct in the Bais Hamikdash.

Based on dozens of new teshuvos from Gedolei Yisroel.

Includes stories, insights, and practical guidance.

By: Rabbi Moshe Silberstein

List Price $12.95

Online Discounted Price: $11.66

Between the Tides

Fraidy Morris is the perfect catch. Someone to envy—or is she? 

Her mother-in-law is a better mother to her kids than she is. Who wants plain old mommy when you can have Super Savta? 

Ruthie is feeling the pangs of empty nest. Her baby isn’t a baby anymore. Then she reunites with her old friend Chaviva, whose nest was never filled. 

The bumps start early for newlyweds Hila and Yaakov. Is their marriage over before it’s barely started? 

What is Michal to think when her friend Gila spent so much money on an over-the-top lavish vort, money that should have gone to paying back the rather large loan Gila took from Michal and her husband? 

Life is full of ups and downs. When the tide rises, we feel like we’re drowning in a tsunami. When the tide is down, everything that looked perfect on the surface is revealed, and nothing is the way we wanted it. But then sometimes we find ourselves Between the Tides. And it’s in those rare moments that we can take a deep breath and prepare ourselves for the next wave. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than fiction that captures the ebbs and flows of life perfectly. There’s nothing more satisfying than Sara Wiederblank fiction. 

With this riveting collection, including all new, never-before-published stories, Sara never disappoints.

List Price $22.95

Online Discounted Price: $20.66

More Than Meets the Eye

The school was immersed in darkness; the parking lot a sea of black. Michoel slowed to a walk, and began to circle the building… 
Michoel froze. His heart beat wildly, and despite the winter cold, sweat broke out on his face and neck. He pressed himself up against the brick wall of the building, hoping that the shadows would well cast their spell of invisibility. 
It was one voice, Michoel realized… One voice, and it was coming nearer… In the darkness, Michoel strained his eyes… Could it be? Was it…? 

It’s not easy moving to a new country when you’re twelve years old, and for Michoel Lederman, whose family moved from England to America all because of his sister Rikki’s Cerebral Palsy, life seems to be going from bad to worse. 

Then some terrifying criminal activity starts to happen in Rikki’s special school. Michoel and his new friend Nachum embark on an investigation mission to track down the person responsible for the sabotage against Orah V’simchah, but soon things spiral out of control, as an unknown but sinister enemy does his utmost to ensure that Orah V’simchah meets a bitter end, and the Ledermans find themselves under direct attack… 

Join Michoel and Nachum as they don their detective caps, dodging danger from all directions — and learning some important life lessons along the way — until the final surprising twist of the story… 

Because all too often in life, there’s a whole lot More Than Meets the Eye

By: Avigail Sharer

List Price $15.95

Online Discounted Price: $14.36

A Bud for Simi

Have you ever waited a long time for something good to happen? Then you’ll surely be able to relate to Simi as she waits and waits for her bud to blossom. Her impatience turns into real worry; will a flower ever grow? Join along with Simi as she learns that good things are always worth waiting for. 

A Bud for Simi, the fifth book in the popular Step -by -Step Reading Series, takes beginning readers to the next stage, as they review all short vowel sounds in this exciting new story. 

It's simple... It's fun... It's a Step-by-Step read!

By: Faigy Rosenberg & Esti Weiss

List Price $10.95

Online Discounted Price: $9.85

Sefer Me'iras Einayim

A new, wide-ranging collection of midrashim, maamarei Chazal, and writings of the Rishonim and the Acharonim, on the mitzvos of the Torah. Includes ta’amei hamitzvos, elucidations of each mitzvah, the significance of the mitzvah, and its great reward. According to p’shat, remez, drush, sod, machshavah, mussar and chassidus.

By Rabbi Shloimy Dickman, author of Shloshim Yom Kodem Hachag, Hilchos Shabbos B’Shabbato, and Sefer Eizer L’Shulchan.

List Price $16.95

Online Discounted Price: $15.26

Sefer Eizer L’Shulchan

An aid to the study of Basar B’Chalav, by the renowned author of Shloshim Yom Kodem Hachag and Hilchos Shabbos B’Shabbato.


Sefer Eizer L’Shulchan contains four sections:

·         Sikum Hasugyos: Summaries of the relevant sugyos, starting from the Gemara and the Rishonim, through the Shulchan Aruch and commentaries, including collected notes from the Acharonim and the Poskim.

·         “Kur Hamivchan”: Questions and answers on the subject, designed for review purposes and to test your knowledge of the halachos.

·         Shiurim B’Halachah: Shiurim by Hagaon Harav Shmuel Felder shlit”a on practical applications of Hilchos Basar B’Chalav in the kitchen.

·         Sefer Hamafte’ach: A comprehensive index to sifrei sh’ailos u’teshuvos (responsa) and acharonim in the order of the Shulchan Aruch.

By: Rabbi Shloimy Dickman

List Price $10.95

Online Discounted Price: $9.85

Leket Reshimos: Three Weeks

Short penetrating "nuggets of knowledge" from the late Mashgiach of the Lakewood Yeshiva, HRH"G Rav Nosson Wachtfogel, zt"l. The concise format and clear language make this the perfect accompaniment to The Three Weeks - for scholar and layman alike!

Tatteh Said Run

“Children, I forbid you to enter the ghetto! Those trapped in the ghetto will be transported to the Place of No Return…You must pack your most vital belongings immediately…and flee for your lives!” 
 With his father’s final plea ringing in his ears, young Pinchos Yeshaya Kornbluh said goodbye to his days as a serious and diligent bachur in yeshivah, and began his escape flight, always attempting to keep one step ahead of the Nazis. 
 And so began one long chain of miracles for Pinchos Yeshaya. Split-second decisions, whose outcomes often spelled life or death, were his constant companions. From his time in the Hungarian army, where the commander of his battalion, noting the youngster’s daring spirit and leadership qualities, soon put him in charge—even submitting to the boy’s decisions himself—through the misery of the Gunskirchen concentration camp, from where he was eventually liberated, Pinchos Yeshaya persevered. He learned to look danger right in the eye, to keep his cool and outsmart even the wiliest of German guards, armed only with his pure faith, his zeal to keep as many mitzvos as possible, and his determination to stay alive. 
 Just as Tatteh had mandated.

List Price $25.95

Online Discounted Price: $23.36

The Dairy Gourmet

A "First" in Jewish Cookbooks! This "must-have" cookbook includes:

*Strictly dairy, vegetarian, pareve and fish

*Special "how-to" sushi section

*Full page, full color photo for each and every recipe in the book!

*Tips and recipes by master chef Sarah M. Lasry

List Price $35.95

Online Discounted Price: $32.36

Heroes of Spirit

Finally, a volume that focuses, not on the horrors of WWII, but rather on the response of rabbis, lay leaders and ordinary people, who came face-to-face with extraordinary crises of epic proportions.  Read and be inspired by the heroism of the human spirit, tempered by the wisdom and the values of our eternal Torah.
Rabbi Dovid Hoffman

List Price $22.95

Online Discounted Price: $20.66

Witness to History

***25% DISCOUNT!***
Nearly seventy years after the horrors of the Holocaust and the destruction of European Jewry, here is a textbook that provides readers with a deeper understanding of the many facets of this devastating era.  Gain a clear and accurate awareness of the years before, during and after World War II, all from a Torah Perspective.
By: Ruth Lichtenstein

List Price $79.95

Online Discounted Price: $59.95

Those Who Never Yielded

There were Jews in the ghettoes who refused to yield to Satan’s reign of terror, who, from the very outset, rebelled against his regime of enslavement… 
These chassidic rebels completely ignored the tyrant’s regime, paid no attention to their decrees, and never yielded… 
Who were these courageous young men who dared to defy Hitler’s command? Who was the leader of this brave band? And where did the group’s members get the inner fortitude to stand up for their convictions, even as darkness, doom, and death swirled around them? 
What did it take to be counted among those who never yielded?

List Price $16.95

Online Discounted Price: $15.26

Dirshu Mishnah Berurah-New Edition-Boxed Set

The beautiful new edition is the most enhanced up-to-date version of Mahaduras “Dirshu” — the ground-breaking “gold standard” Mishna Berurah for today. 

• Beautifully typeset and slipcased – makes a beautiful gift! 
• This new edition highlights extensive additions to “Mahaduras Dirshu’s hallmark ‘Biurim U’musafim’ section. 
• Acclaimed throughout the Torah world as the new standard Mishna Berurah of choice.

List Price $60.00

Online Discounted Price: $54.00

Not by Accident

It seemed to be happening in sickening slow motion, yet mockingly too fast for action. My body rocked in horror; my eyes bulged. The crash was ear-piercing; metal clashing against metal, shattering glass, and screeching rubber wheels. The deafening noise echoed upward, curling above the tree-tops with the rising plume of ashy smoke. 

And then—nothing. A strange, eerie silence filled the night air. 

A devastating car crash brings life as Leeba Hartman knew it to a grinding halt. Her friends, her relationship with her sister Rosie, her whole attitude toward life…everything suddenly comes into question in wake of the tragedy and trauma that Leeba experiences. And deeply enmeshed within all the other roiling emotions is the deep-seated, secret guilt that she knows she will always carry around with her…

Rosie Hartman has a secret, too. A secret so huge and so awful that she herself can hardly believe it… But if all evidence points to its certainty, it has to be true, doesn’t it? On the other hand, is she willing to risk whatever remnants remain of her close ties with Leeba, by concurring with the theory? 

Not by Accident is the poignant story of two sisters at odds with each other…yet whose closeness, inexplicably, still can’t be denied. It is a vivid portrayal of the very real issues so many frum teenagers grapple with nowadays, such as self-esteem, peer pressure, and the complex relationship present so often between teens and themselves and those closest to them. It is a book that will touch the most sensitive chord within you, causing you to cry, to laugh, and to grow…not by accident.

By: Naomi Raksin

List Price $22.95

Online Discounted Price: $20.66

Dirshu Shul Chumash - Standard Size - New Edition


 The only single volume shul Chumash that contains the entire Torah with the commentaries of both Rashi and Ramban! Beautifully laid out, with a crystal clear printing and typeface, including a totally re-typeset and punctuated Ikar Sifsei Chachamim, this handsome volume is a real pleasure to read and learn from. Contains kriyas haTorah and haftaros of Yom Tov, as well as the five Megillos. 

By: Dirshu

List Price $13.95

Online Discounted Price: $10.45

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