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Featured Products

Rivky on the Job

Pesach is fast approaching, and there is lots to do. But with responsible Rivky in charge, the work is quick and fun. The Bookman kids work together to scrub the house clean, but when they start on the living room, the trouble begins. Can they work together to fix the problem? 

In Rivky on the Job, book #4 in The Step-by-Step Reading Series, you will get to know mature and capable Rivky. This easy-to-read book is a great way to reinforce beginning reading skills. 

It's simple... It's fun... It's a Step-by-Step read!

By: Faigy Rosenberg & Esti Weiss

List Price $10.95

Online Discounted Price: $9.85

From Darkness to Light

Experience the Exodus from Egypt like never before, with this stunning compilation by world-renowned artist Gadi Pollack. The hardships of slavery, the wonder of the plagues and the joy of redemption all come to life in vivid imagery. Based on authentic Torah sources, these drawings help us picture what it was really like when Bnei Yisrael left Egypt. 

A special study section in the back helps us understand the meaning of the plagues, and describes how each plague perfectly corresponded to the hardships endured by Bnei Yisrael. 

A must have for parents, educators and anyone who wants to see Yetzias Mitzrayim come alive at their Seder table and throughout the year.

List Price $19.95

Online Discounted Price: $17.96

Rabbi Bess / Star- K Passover Guide 2014

Two popular guides in one! Passover Medicines & Cosmetics list, by Rabbi Gershon Bess of Kollel Los Angeles, and the Comprehensive Information & Product Guide by Star-K Kosher Certification of Baltimore, MD. Pesach 2014.

List Price $7.95

Online Discounted Price: $7.16

My First Haggadah

With all the many Haggadahs out there for adults and older kids, not much is available for our very young children. Now, at long last, our little ones have a Haggadah of their own.

In My First Haggadah, the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim is told over by way of lots of beautiful pictures, and just a bit of explanatory text.

Your child will beam with pride at the Pesach Seder with My First Haggadah at his or her side!

By: Ruth Beifus

List Price $14.95

Online Discounted Price: $13.46

The Carpool Clan - Book Two

The Carpool Clan is back again! In Crossroads, the second book in this already popular series for “tween-aged” girls, seventh-grader Tehilla Markson discovers, to her dismay, that her parents have invited a sixth grader, Henny Hart, to stay at their home for an extended period of time…for an undisclosed reason. Tehilla is not happy about the stranger invading her space, but she resolves to do her best to make her guest feel comfortable. After all, she has more important things to focus on, such as the upcoming choir — and her surprise solo. 

But things don’t seem to be working out too well for Henny, and then Tehilla finds herself facing a terrifying ordeal of her own… 

Can Tehilla rise above her feelings in order to accrue the zechus she so desperately needs for her family? Can she do the ultimate act of chessed for a girl in need? 

Find out in Crossroads, a book of drama, personal growth, and suspense!

By: M. Jakubowicz

List Price $14.95

Online Discounted Price: $13.46

Escape from Egypt

Who would ever believe that Avi Friedman, the kid that least liked to work, would find himself scrubbing Pharaoh’s bathhouse? 

Join us for Avi’s awesome journey back in time, to a world ruled by merciless Egyptian taskmasters. Follow his adventures, as he finds his family enslaved and becomes a worker in Pharaoh’s palace. Watch the redemption unfold, as Moshe appears to rescue Bnei Yisrael with ten amazing plagues. Witness the splitting of the Red Sea first hand, together with Avi and his family. 

This fanciful, beautifully illustrated story is based on the teachings of Chazal and authentic Torah commentaries, portraying in vivid color the dark depths of slavery and the joyous heights of freedom. 

Escape from Egypt with Avi, and relive the adventure!

By: Eliezer Hameiri

List Price $19.95

Online Discounted Price: $17.96

Not by Accident

It seemed to be happening in sickening slow motion, yet mockingly too fast for action. My body rocked in horror; my eyes bulged. The crash was ear-piercing; metal clashing against metal, shattering glass, and screeching rubber wheels. The deafening noise echoed upward, curling above the tree-tops with the rising plume of ashy smoke. 

And then—nothing. A strange, eerie silence filled the night air. 

A devastating car crash brings life as Leeba Hartman knew it to a grinding halt. Her friends, her relationship with her sister Rosie, her whole attitude toward life…everything suddenly comes into question in wake of the tragedy and trauma that Leeba experiences. And deeply enmeshed within all the other roiling emotions is the deep-seated, secret guilt that she knows she will always carry around with her…

Rosie Hartman has a secret, too. A secret so huge and so awful that she herself can hardly believe it… But if all evidence points to its certainty, it has to be true, doesn’t it? On the other hand, is she willing to risk whatever remnants remain of her close ties with Leeba, by concurring with the theory? 

Not by Accident is the poignant story of two sisters at odds with each other…yet whose closeness, inexplicably, still can’t be denied. It is a vivid portrayal of the very real issues so many frum teenagers grapple with nowadays, such as self-esteem, peer pressure, and the complex relationship present so often between teens and themselves and those closest to them. It is a book that will touch the most sensitive chord within you, causing you to cry, to laugh, and to grow…not by accident.

By: Naomi Raksin

List Price $22.95

Online Discounted Price: $20.66

Hello Heddy Levi!

Whether she’s baking strange birthday cakes or babysitting in flamingo ponds; collecting homeless dogs or developing chocolate allergies; acting like a lady or trying to be an evil king, Heddy Levi’s life is full of unusual problems and funny surprises. 

With the help of First Best Friend Rachel, a very special zeidy, and her long-suffering mother and father, eleven-year-old Heddy makes her way through a lively, intriguing year of growing up. If you liked her in The Adventures of Jeremy Levi, you’ll love meeting Heddy in her very own book!

By: Yaffa Ganz

List Price $11.95

Online Discounted Price: $10.76

The Adventures of Jeremy Levi

Jeremy Levi didn’t mean to get into trouble. He always tried to do the right thing, both in and out of Kerem HaTorah Yeshivah. It was just that being eleven years old was so complicated. Even his best-sounding ideas never seemed to turn out quite right. It took Jeremy a whole year of adventures to discover some important things about himself and the people he lived with. 

And if you enjoy reading about Jeremy, you’ll love reading about his younger sister, Heddy, in her very own book called Hello Heddy Levi!

By: Yaffa Ganz

List Price $11.95

Online Discounted Price: $10.76

Doda Golda Comes For Pesach

Meet Doda Golda, the most whimsical, loveable character ever! She’s as well-meaning as they come, but she does have a tendency to take statements quite literally—which often leads to hilariously funny outcomes… a great Pesach title and a gift that kids will enjoy again and again! BY: Sukey Gross

List Price $11.95

Online Discounted Price: $10.76

Pesach Digest 2014- Rabbi Blumenkrantz

The quintessential Passover Digest by Rabbi Blumenkrantz, for 5774 - 2014 updated yearly. Don’t make Pesach without it!

List Price $14.29

Online Discounted Price: $13.50

The Beis Aharon Haggadah

"In the "Beit Aharon Haggadah", by Rabbi Aharon Asher Wolinetz, one is transported, through its pages, to the Seder table of a scholarly patriarch, one who moves with grace among the classical medieval commentaries and codes and among the most sophisticated modern Torah masters with authority... It is a Haggadah to illuminate a Seder, to infuse the ancient text with fresh discoveries and insights..."

-Dr. Jonathan I. Rosenblatt
Senior Rabbi, Riverdale Jewish Center, Bronx, New York

By: Rabbi Aharon Asher Wolinetz

List Price $29.95

Online Discounted Price: $26.96

Haggadah Shel Pesach Sho'el K'inyan

The Sho’el K’inyan Haggadah is the Hebrew version of the immensely popular The Questions Asked Haggadah, by Rabbi Shimon Fink. With more than 250 questions and answers to commonly asked questions relating to Pesach, the Haggadah, and the Seder, this Haggadah brings sipur Yetzias Mitzrayim to an attainable level for all those using it. Great as a springboard for discussions on this night of “v’higgadeta l’vincha”!

List Price $14.95

Online Discounted Price: $13.46

The Questions Asked Haggadah

Rabbi Fink's haggadah brings the Pesach story to an attainable level for each person. Use it for yourself and enjoy or use it as a springboard to discuss things with your son on this night of "v'higgadita l'vincha". Clear print and easy understanding make this a great seder companion. A Hebrew/ English translation of the Passover Haggadah for the Seder Night. Includes over 250 questions and answers to commonly asked questions relating to Pesach, the Haggadah and the Seder.

List Price $22.95

Online Discounted Price: $20.66

Haggadah B'Tzeis Yisrael

This gem of a haggadah from one of our foremost contemporary poskim and leaders, Hagaon Harav Chaim Yisroel Belsky shlit”a, is actually two seforim in one: a halacha sefer, containing Rav Belsky’s brilliant pesakim and guidance in the halachos and minhagim of the Seder, as well as a compendium of unique divrei Torah and insightful explanation on the Haggadah shel Pesach. Also included are lengthier derashos b’aggadah and b’halacha on topics ranging from Biur Chametz, the wine to drink for the Four Kosos, Yetzias Mitzrayim, Krias Yam Suf and numerous concepts in Sefiras Haomer. The pieces are concise yet thoughtful, original yet steeped in halachic basis, and with Rav Belsky’s inimitable style of delivering ingenious divrei Torah that touche upon all areas of Torah and life in general, this Haggadah packs 245 pages worth of invaluable knowledge. A definite “must-have” for the Pesach Seder. Compiled by R’ Yitzchok Hoffman.

List Price $13.95

Online Discounted Price: $12.56

Matnas Chaim Haggadah

The venerated Mashgiach of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, Hagaon Hatzaddik Rav Mattisyahu Salomon shlit”a, has long maintained that in order to properly gain and grow from the Pesach Seder, one must prepare beforehand. In this Haggadah, there are three sections: Ma’amarei Hachanah – introductory essays to the Seder night; Haggadah shel Pesach im Biurim – explanatory notes accompanying the actual Haggadah; and a newly revised Kuntres Esser Makkos, an in-depth description of the Ten Plagues, their function and their centrality to the Pesach story. This is a one-of-a-kind Haggadah with personal guidance from one of the premier Mashgichim of our generation. Get one today and transform your Seder table into a whole new experience of emunah and bitachon!

List Price $15.00

Online Discounted Price: $14.95

Dorash Dovid: Moadim 2 Volume Set (English)


What is the purpose of the obligation for every Jew to view himself as if he personally left Mitzrayim?

Is the Korban Pesach an individual offering or a communal one?

Why is the declaration, “Next year in Yerushalayim,” part of the Seder night?

In this unique work, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of the internationally acclaimed Dirshu Torah organization, addresses these questions and so many others. Deep insights into the moadim of Pesach and Shavuos; as well as Sefiras Ha’omer, the Three Weeks, Tishah B’Av, Rosh Chodesh and the weekly “holiday” of Shabbos are analyzed. Every maamar in Dorash Dovid begins with several questions, then develops an in-depth approach, opening new vistas that enable one to truly grasp the messages that the Torah and our Sages impart.

List Price $24.95

Online Discounted Price: $22.46

Seder Secrets Haggadah

Where in the hagaddah do we find the full answer to the Four Questions? Why do we eat a full meal right in the middle of reciting Hallel? What is the meaning of the word "Charoses"? How many sacrifices did the kohanim slaughter per minute during the bringing of the korban Pesach? What was the weather like during Krias Yam Suf? Pesach heralds a time of preparation- cleaning, scrubbing and cooking. Yet of greater importance is the spiritual preparation for the holiday, and the pivotal Seder night. For it is this holiday that establishes the core of our relationship with G-d. By bringing us out of Egypt and punishing the nation that had enslaved us, G-d demonstrated that we are His chosen children.Every father is obligated to teach this to his children, to impart these basics of our faith on the night of the Seder. "You shall relate in the ears of your child... that I made a mockery of Egypt and My miraculous signs that I placed among them, and you shall know that I am Hashem" (Shemos 10:2). It is our obligation to teach our children the lessons learned from the Egyptians' punishments. Not only that Hashem punishes the wicked who mistreat His people- through the ten plagues, G-d demonstrated His dominion and sole control over the entire world.This book is designed to prepare the reader for this vital task. Step by step, it will take you through the Seder night, elaborate on the ten makkos, describe the suffering of our ancestors in Egypt, and rejoice in their ultimate redemption at the splitting of the sea. Complete with pictures that bring each part of the Seder to life, and a fascinating account of the bringing of the korban Pesach, it is the ultimate spiritual preparation for the Seder.
Rabbi Dovid Meisels

List Price $24.95

Online Discounted Price: $22.46

Free At Last; From Mud to Mirth

A unique, one-of-a-kind Passover celebration! The highly professional blend of story, music and art contained in this book/cd/Haggadah combination will bring the Passover story alive, stretching all the way back from G-d’s encounter with Abraham at Ur Kasdim, until our present-day Seder table. The read-along audio CD contains nine tracks of narrative and song that children AND adults will find intriguing and entertaining. Set at a modern-day Seder table, complete with traditional grandfather, “get-it-over-with” adults, semi-curious children, and a mysterious surprise guest, this delightful presentation imparts the true meaning of the Exodus from Egypt and its significance to our lives, and helps transmit this all-important message to children and adults alike. The oversized book includes a complete Hebrew-English Haggadah, and makes a perfect gift for Passover!

By: Michael Broll

List Price $24.95

Online Discounted Price: $22.46

23 Under 1 Roof - Vol. 2: Look Out, London!

Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

What happens when...

...Bentzy decides to find the queen in order to make the brachah of "Shechalak mikvodo l'basar v'dam"?
...Lali calls the fire department to rescue a cat from  the roof?
...Motty tries to see if he can turn into a wax figure?
...Yoni becomes Saba's tour guide for the Tower of London?

The answers will truly surprise you, and probably make you laugh out loud.

Join the 21 Schneider children on their fascinating and creative adventures in the heart of London!

By: R. Rappaport

List Price $18.95

Online Discounted Price: $17.06

Enough is Enough

Enough Is Enough brings us to the realization that what we have is enough and who we are is unparalleled. Here is a treasury of inspiration to help us rise above jealousy and become everything we can be, our best and most joyful selves. Take advantage of the powerful down-to-earth advice, stories, and examples, presented in easy-to-read segments, to galvanize your journey to become a better you.

By: Rebbetzin S. Feldbrand

List Price $24.95

Online Discounted Price: $22.46

Common Denominator

Two families - each torn apart by tragedy, each struggling to reunite… 

For eight years, Mimi, Akiva, and Shayna have been separated from their mother. 

In Yerushalayim, sixteen-year-old Mimi Blum tries desperately to fill a void whose existence she refuses to admit. 

In New York, Mimi’s mother Tamar pines for her children, but is convinced she is incapable of raising them. As she fights to regain her mental health, past events come back to haunt her - and challenge old assumptions. 

Ari Solomon, a young baal teshuvah, is on the brink of beginning a new chapter in his life when his plans are brutally cut short by the Mossad. Forced to travel to the United States to reunite with a father he never knew, Ari discovers that his long-buried past has suddenly become his future. 

Will Mimi’s new friendship fill the void in her heart, or only add to her pain? 

Will Tamar recover, and even if she does, will her children allow her back into their lives? 

Journey with the Blum and Solomon families through the unexpected twists and turns in their lives. Enter their inner worlds and gain insight into the depths of the human character. Ultimately, this suspenseful novel taps into the common denominators that link us all.

By: Esther Toker

List Price $25.95

Online Discounted Price: $23.36

The Invisibles Vol. 1: Secret of the Purple Bottle

Rafi Fischer is a remarkable boy dealing with the challenge of suddenly losing his father. He is sent to live with his grandparents on a moshav, where, as the new boy in town, he is accused of doing something very wrong. His good friends support him the whole way until the very thrilling end! 

What is in the purple bottle? 

Who is stealing the tests? And why? 

And the question of all questions: 

Who will win first place in the big contest? 

This exciting, educational and humorous book has all the surprising answers. Secret of the Purple Bottle is a fantasy - adventure story for children, teens and even adults who sometimes wish they could live out a dream... Secret of the Purple Bottle by Rachel Schorr is an inspiring story of how any boy or girl can face adversity with good middos, tolerance and sensitivity towards others.

List Price $20.95

Online Discounted Price: $18.86

A Family for Frayda

Life isn't easy for fifteen-year-old Frayda Rina Mandelbloom. After her father suddenly passed away, her mother remarried and moved to New York, leaving Frayda behind in Jerusalem. Now Hadassah, the woman she boards with, is flying off to England, and Frayda needs a place to stay while she's gone. Feeling alone and dejected, Frayda tries one friend after another, but nothing seems to work out – until she meets Elisheva in the local bookstore, and things finally start to turn around. At long last, Frayda begins to feel like part of a family. But can it last? 
Find out, in A Family for Frayda!

By: Menucha Chana Levin

List Price $17.95

Online Discounted Price: $16.16

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