Stories Told By Rav Kalman Krohn

Stories Told By Rav Kalman Krohn
Stories Told By Rav Kalman Krohn
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Amazing Tales of Tzaddikim, Alive with Yiras Shamayim, Emunah, and Middos Tovos

When Rav Kalman Krohn told a story, he had everybody spellbound.

As his thousands of avid listeners can attest, this tremendous tzaddik and talmid chacham had the rare ability to weave true stories of yesteryear that kept adults and kids alike at the edge of their seats in suspense, while simultaneously inspiring their hearts and firing their souls.

Rav Kalman's stories weren't just ma'asalech. His sippurei tzaddikim, like his own essence, were saturated with yiras Shamayim, middos tovos, and Torah lessons. Many of the stories Rav Kalman related are not well-known, yet they are all sourced in mesorah and the sefarim hakedoshim. And they are all action-packed, full of heart-stopping twists and turns that may well cause readers to get the goosebumps!

In this book, we present a sampling of some of Rav Kalman's best stories for readers of all ages, to learn from and enjoy. Sink yourself into these amazing true tales, and let their power - and that of Rav Kalman's own neshamah - capture and enrapture you.

SKU: LA385
Dimensions: 6" X 9"
Format: Hardcover
Length: 398
Media: Book
Release Date: November 2023
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WOW! Just like the old days.

"WOW! Just like the old days."

on 12/30/2023 3:42:12 PM

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