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Ta'amei Sefer Hachinuch

Ta'amei Sefer Hachinuch
Ta'amei Sefer Hachinuch
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An essential sefer for every Jewish home!

Taamei Sefer Hachinuch provides an amazing window into the rich authentic thought of the Sefer Hachinuch. In order to make the hashkafah and reasons for the mitzvos readily available, most of the halachos were removed. The result is a concise work based on the Parshah of the week, (only 320 pages, so that one may complete the whole sefer over the yearly cycle of the Torah reading) - perfect for anyone who wants to delve into Taamei Hamitzvos.

This is the ideal sefer to learn at the Shabbos table, as a parent can now clearly give over the "whys" of Judaism. That "why" will inspire children and young adults to be more engaged in Judaism by giving them a whole new appreciation for why it is so important for them to keep the mitzvos.

By: Rabbi Dovid Schoonmacher
SKU: L770
Dimensions: 6.5" X 9.25"
Format: Hardcover
Length: 328
Media: Book
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